Our Vegboxes are
Grown by our trainees with guidance from staff  +  No chemicals only compost  +  Home-grown quality produce  +  Minimal and compostable packaging  +  Order plastic-free household products through the box too!

Here's how our Veg Box works
We will email you on a Monday morning with a list of what we're planning on harvesting this week. If you'd like to have a box simply reply with a list of what you want from the selection and we will get it ready for collection and payment. If you don't want a box that week, simply don't reply. Once ordered, you can then collect your box from one of our pickup points. Please specify which point you would like to pick up from in your order.

The cost of your box varies depending on what you order and the produce would be the same price as from our farm shop. Occasionally we run out of an item on the day if it is incredibly popular, or the vegetable is coming to the end of its season, so a first come first served basis is in place. The box prices are, of course, adjusted accordingly if any change is made.
The boxes will be ready for collection from:
Sunnyside Northchurch Shop 2-4pm Wednesday and 8am-4pm Thursday and Friday
Sunnyside Up Cafe Hemel Hempstead Thursday to Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunnyside's Berkhamsted High Street market stall Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm 
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